10 Feb 2020

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Rich Piana Freak Show Glucose Disposal Agent

Isn’t it amazing how quickly carbs became the “enemy”? The truth is,
if you’re hunting gains, you need quality carbs to help you build
maximum muscle. After all, carbs are the preferred fuel source of the
body. That’s the energy your muscles use to power you through your
workouts. The thing is, too many carbs and you risk the excess being
stored as fat. The question is, how can you eat the carbs you need
without fear of fat storage?

Anabolic Power

The key to what happens in the body when you eat a lot of carbs lies
in the body’s own hormones. Insulin is one of the body’s primary
anabolic hormones and some will say it’s the most powerful – yes, even
more, powerful than testosterone. That may be, but insulin is like a
double-edged sword – it can cut both ways. Despite its anabolic power,
eat too many carbs throughout the day, especially simple carbs, and the
result will be insulin spikes – which means fat gain. That’s not the
scenario we want!

Ah, but what about anabolic power! Insulin controls how the cells in
your body absorb and utilize nutrients, such as carbs and protein. It
also has a strong role in the process of protein synthesis. When you eat
carbs, they not only help the process of muscle growth, they also pull
water into your muscles which helps create that full as f*ck look every
bodybuilder wants to see! So, carbs themselves are not the problem it’s
how insulin is produced and consumed in your body when you eat too many
carbs which is the core of the issue.

The Most Powerful Insulin Mimicker Available

What if you could use a product that could utilize those excess carbs
for muscle growth and glycogen replenishment instead of fat storage?
Now you can, thanks to Rich Piana 5% Nutrition!

Leave it to 5% Nutrition to create an innovative formula that mimics
the power of insulin without the downside – introducing Freak Show®! You
know 5% Nutrition – of course, you can expect epic dosing using only
effective ingredients designed to make those extra carbs do what you
want them to.

It couldn’t be more clear: there’s no other insulin mimicker to
compare with what Freak Show provides. Effective dosing of ingredients
clinically researched to perform. Freak Show is a powerful formula that
can take your gains to new heights!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the directions for using Freak Show?

Take a 1/2 serving (3 capsules) with your two highest carbohydrate
meals of the day. Freak Show should not be taken in the absence of

Optional: For maximum results take a full serving (6 capsules) with
your two highest carbohydrate meals of the day. Do not exceed twelve
(12) capsules per day.

Why is Freak Show the best insulin mimicker on the market?

Freak Show features fully disclosed, effectively dosed,
well-researched ingredients that work synergistically to create a
powerful insulin mimicking formula. Freak Show stands alone in its
synergistic ability to harness the anabolic power of insulin for maximum

What’s the optimal training style for people taking this product?

While Freak Show will work with any resistance-based exercise
training style, it’s ideal for intense workouts using medium to high
volume and 70-85% 1RM for reps in the 8-12 range that include beyond
failure techniques.

What 5% Nutrition products can I stack with Freak Show?

Freak Show can be used as an integral part of your supplement arsenal
and stacks well with the 5% Nutrition pre-workout of your choice, Full
As F*ck, Crea-TEN, Drink Sleep Grow, and AllDayYouMay.

Rich Piana Freak Show Nutrition Information


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