PH-Modified Creatine – 120 Capsules

21 Jan 2019

SAN PH-Modified Creatine Supplement

SAN PH-Modified Creatine

Muscle Strength And Size With More Efficiency – PH-Modified Creatine

  • 750 milligram capsule as effective as 5,000 milligrams of powder
  • No loading phase needed
  • Complete absorption
  • Build strength and muscle*

Creatine Doesn’t Have To Be Ineficient Or Uncomfortable

When creatine monohydrate first hit the fitness scene, people were beyond excited. The promises of increased strength and muscle gains were hard to ignore. It was soon realized, however, that the loading phase was cumbersome, and many people suffered from stomach discomfort due to its ineffciency of absorption.
Bioengineered Modified Creatine Offers You More With Less

The effectiveness of creatine monohydrate has evolved to a new level with the advent of the bioengineered CreaSolve brand utilized in PH-MODIFIED CREATINE.

The PH-modified nature of PH-MODIFIED CREATINE makes it resistant to degradation from stomach acids, so its full potency is transported directly into muscle tissue where it promotes greater strength and increased muscle size. The effectiveness of PH-MODIFIED CREATINE is so high that it requires just 1/5 the dosage of other creatine products. That means just one capsule is as effective as a full teaspoon of powdered creatine monohydrate.

PH-MODIFIED CREATINE offers all of the well-known strength and muscle gains of creatine monohydrate with none of the hassle.

SAN PH-Modified Creatine Nutrition Information

SAN PH-Modified Creatine Nutrition